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PIN architects

Saue children. Dogs. Cats. Dads and moms. Families. Young couples. Elderly people. Us all.


Room to dream – and most of all, to live. Safely and carefree.


Something for everyone, and for each of us. Apartments, terraced houses and private houses. All designed and built considering what’s best for people, in the name of Nordic quality of life.


Quality of life, that is enabled by the surrounding greenery and nature, gardens and parks, sports tracks and contemporary services. Everything that a person needs to find happiness and a peace of mind. To feel the essence of a true suburban idyll. To feel Saue’s spirit.


All that only a 25 minute drive from the Tallinn city centre, in Saue. Or equally mid-way to vacation – mentally, but also literally. Because Saue is on the way to every corner of Estonia, and all the roads lead to Saue. Even the railway.


And the best part: the story of Saue is not a fairy tale, but near future. It is a promise of an all new and holistic suburb.


It is a story of a piece of Nordic suburb’s quality of life right on the southern edge of Tallinn. Because that is exactly what our Saue shall represent.