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Will Torņakalns become the new center of Riga?

Experts in the real estate industry estimate that in upcoming years, Riga Center will gradually transform into a business center, as the number of Riga residents who choose this area for daily living will decrease. This means that a hardened resident of Riga could look at other developed neighborhoods, but without leaving the borders of Riga.

Observing the current activity in Torņakalns district, it can be predicted that this neighborhood has all the possibilities to become a place that could cut the buttons for the in-demand and already overpopulated Āgenskalns district, gradually becoming a district towards which the future development of the center of Riga is directed. This area is already home to a large number of doctors and students, and in the future more and more families will gather who want to live in the central and developed part of Riga, but do not crave skyscraper towers or art nouveau pearls.


What is happening in Torņakalns?

A long time ago, it would have been difficult to predict that Āgenskalns would become one of the most sought-after districts of Riga over time, and a moment would come when it would no longer be able to provide real estate for all those who want to live there. Just such breezes are now felt in Torņakalns – the development of several important projects in various sectors is currently taking place there.

For example, Torņakalns can be proud of the Academic Center of the University of Latvia, which is one of the most modern education and science centers in Europe with the House of Nature and Science, while in 2023 the opening of the House of Writings is planned, which will be followed by the House of Technology and Sports, as well as others with realization of projects related to education and science. The National Library of Latvia and the Museum of Latvian Railway History also offer a wide range of offers, thus moving a large part of the events of Riga’s cultural life to the left bank of the Daugava.

With the expansion of educational, cultural and entertainment opportunities in Torņakalns, the construction of bridges for pedestrians and cyclists both across the Daugava and in the vicinity of Pārdaugava is planned, thus connecting the historic city center with the future center of the new Riga – Torņakalns. Along with the implementation of the Rail Baltica project, the creation of a city and intercity public transport transfer center – the Tornakalns multimodal transport hub – is planned in the vicinity of the Torņakalns station. The international airport of Riga, the resort town of Jūrmala and the fast developing Riga suburb are also nearby.

On the other hand, park improvement projects are aimed to attract outdoor active recreation and entertainment lovers (Arkādijas and Uzvaras parks, Lucavsala). Similarly, the city cannot be imagined without its main accent – the market (development of the market of Āgenskalns and Kalnciems).



The new center of Riga must become a place that a real city dweller with new standards and needs is looking for, who has decided to leave the boundaries of the traditional center of Riga. It is the modern urban environment – ​​a run along the city promenade, take away coffee, morning exercise in a nearby park. It has all the amenities of the city center – accessible public transport, educational, commercial, medical, cultural and entertainment facilities. At the same time, it is also a place of residence where there is a guaranteed space for a private car and an available outdoor space or terrace, where children can play safely, where they can spend time with friends on summer evenings. It’s a stylish backyard cafe with a familiar vendor for a coffee and muffin on the way to work or on a leisurely Sunday. It is an opportunity to go to the market for fresh food on holidays, instead of adding to the throngs of supermarkets. It is a place of residence where neighbors celebrate holidays and everyday life together, it is an environment of like-minded people where new traditions can be created

The development of the new residential house complex in Torņakalns is already started. 

The project of the real estate developer “Estera Development” will be realized in 3 phases, and in the future the future buildings will form a new apartment complex that meets modern requirements and is comfortable for living, with an organized environment in the courtyard area. A safe private courtyard will be created with a green area and manicured lawn, decorative leaves, coniferous bushes and trees, paved, lighted patio paths and seating areas with benches. The apartments will have private terraces – separated from the public area with gorgeous plantings, as well as a safe, ergonomic and developmental children’s playground.

The construction of the first phase of the project will start already in the spring – a total of 64 (1 – 5 room) apartments will be available in the first 5-story building with A+ class energy efficiency. The building is planned to be commissioned in 2023. The project will offer a wide variety of apartment layouts, with panoramic windows, terraces for first-floor apartments, balconies and roof gardens for penthouse apartments (5.7 m2 – 60 m2). TEKSTILIANA homes are characterized by thoughtful planning, the possibility of functionally and ergonomically placing furniture, high-quality and sustainable finishing materials and high-quality plumbing. One of the advantages of these apartments will be the possibility to complete the decoration and interior according to your taste, combining the tone of the parquet with the color of the doors, adjusting the atmosphere in the bathrooms to suit every taste.

Also, special attention is paid to stairwells – they are designed and lockable. For the convenience of residents, an intercom is installed for each apartment and elevators are available, as well as the possibility to purchase parking spaces and storage spaces in the basement of the house. In the underground floor, there is an opportunity to install a private vehicle charging point, as well as above-ground and underground bicycle storage facilities will be provided for the use of residents.


City24 05.01.2022

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