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OÜ Estera Saue is organizing a planning competition in Saue

OÜ Estera Saue is organizing a pre-selection planning competition with the aim of finding the best solution for a new versatile residential area center, to be established on the border of Saue and Laagri, covering approximately 39 hectares. The solution should meet the objectives of the developer, OÜ Estera Saue, as well as comply with the general plan and other requirements specified in the brief.

The competition will consist of a pre-selection stage, where interested companies will submit their portfolios for the jury to make their selection.

Based on the portfolios, 4 companies will be chosen to participate and propose their conceptual solutions. The selection of participants will be based on their experience, previous innovative architectural and/or planning solutions, and the professionalism of their team. The selected architectural firms will be paid a participation fee of 15,000€ + VAT for their work.

The competition will start on August 1, 2023.

Deadline for portfolio submissions: July 21, 2023.

Portfolios can be uploaded through the provided link.

The competition terms and conditions can be downloaded from here.

The evaluation will be conducted by the following jury members:

Jury members:

Ülo Adamson, Client’s representative, chairman of the jury; Aivar Kempi, Client’s representative; Andres Laisk, Mayor of Saue; Harry Pajundi, Chairman of Saue Municipal Council; Robert Martin, Senior Architect, Sweco Group, Sweden; Signe Kasepalu, authorized landscape architect level 7; Sten Ader, authorized architect level 7.

Experts: Urmas Elmik, Architect of Saue Municipality; Kalle Pungas, Deputy Mayor.

The client reserves the right to involve additional experts in the evaluation process.

Participants may submit written questions regarding the competition assignment and rules via email to or call +372 5303 5356.

Best regards,

OÜ Estera Saue

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