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The Saue municipality has initiated the detailed planning for a new center in Saue town

The Saue municipal government has initiated the detailed planning for a new city center and residential area in Saue town, located across the railway from the current urban space. This development is significant for Saue, a town with a population of 6,000, as it will considerably increase the population by adding over 1,000 apartments.

Developer Estera Saue, in collaboration with the municipality of Saue, plans to establish a new city center and residential area on an open area across the railway from the current urban space in Saue. Last week, the Saue municipal government initiated the detailed planning process for the development area.

Estera, in cooperation with the municipality, has prepared an initial sketch of the development. According to the sketch, the western part of the planned area is designated as a central area according to the general plan. To find the best solution for the central area, a planning competition was held last year, which was won by a project prepared by PIN Architects.

The new residential area will have 1,200 apartments, with an investment of 250 million euros. The area covers approximately 39 hectares.

The current central axis of Saue town consists of Kütise Street, including a shop, park, and the municipal office. The plan extends this axis across the railway, creating a new town square with a planned cultural center, health center, office buildings, and commercial buildings. Public and commercial buildings are also planned along a cross axis parallel to the railway, where a shop and a school will be located. A full-size stadium/football field and a kindergarten are planned next to the school.

Higher apartment buildings are planned near the center, gradually transitioning to lower buildings as they move further away. The eastern part of the plan includes plots for single-family and terraced houses, a small sports hall, and a kindergarten. A strip park with playgrounds, sports fields, and recreational facilities is planned between the small residential area and the railway.

The planned residential areas will increase the surrounding population of Saue and Laagri by 8,000 residents. The new central area will be developed in ten stages, with the first stage focusing on the railway-side central area and the construction of 96 apartments.

The detailed plan allows for a maximum of 284 housing units in the small residential area and a maximum of 1,132 housing units in the central area. The planned apartment buildings can be up to five stories high, with a maximum height of 20 meters.

Two underpasses beneath the railway are planned to connect the area with Saue town. One underpass will be for both cars and pedestrians, while the other will be exclusively for pedestrian traffic.

Estera is required to support the construction of social infrastructure in Saue municipality with a contribution of 7,000 euros for each housing unit planned in the detailed plan (including single-family homes, terraced houses, semi-detached houses, and apartments). This social infrastructure fee will be indexed according to the annual consumer price index.

Estera will also build public parking lots for cars and bicycles near the railway stop, providing 100 car spaces and 300 bicycle spaces.

Ülo Adamson, one of the owners of Estera Saue, previously told ERR that the development will be an extension of Saue town, aiming to create a new urban space with a high-quality environment primarily for young families. Adamson mentioned that they plan to break ground in 2026, with the total investment estimated at 250 million euros.

According to the business registry, the owners of developer Estera Saue are Ülo Adamson, Raul Kirjanen, and Anders Anderson. In 2022, the company acquired properties in Saue municipality with a total area of 78.6 hectares.

Currently, Saue town has a population of just over 6,000 people, while the municipality has about 26,000 residents.


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